Friday, June 15

Lego Interpretations of Scav 2012

It's been more than a month since Scav, you guys. You know what that means. Only 11 months until Scav! I've been busily tinkering away on my item submissions for 2012, flipping through my pictures, and crying, mostly. I was happy to see so many of you at the Judge party. You should know that I sat in my apartment with my Judge shirt on-- shoes tied and keys in hand--for at least an hour before it was time to head over. I miss you real bad, Scavvies.

But as much as I miss Scav, I think I know someone who misses it more. Nathaniel from B-J made these lego interpretations of Scav items. Enjoy.

Have a lovely eleven months, my friends.


All masterpieces courtesy of Nathaniel Rossum, of Burton-Judson.


Sometimes, the Internet can make you so angry you cannot type straight. Fix this problem by creating a sturdy keyboard with fist-sized keys. At Judgment, the device should allow me to leave a rude and inane comment on YouTube by punching the keys. [35 points]

Play me a drink, Sam, for old times’ sake. . . on your piano that dispenses a beverage component with every keystroke. Changing the melody should change the mixology. Instruments and their compositions will be judged both on the quality of the cocktails and the musicality of their recipes. [250 points, 25 extra points if your keyboard can play a different melody to create a different drink] †

Red Grooms may no longer reside in Chicago, but show us that his influence lives on here. Create a sculpture that displays the spirit of Chicago in the way that Grooms’s latest piece captures the spirit of Miami. [125 points] †


Did you ever build those balsa bridges in high school physics? Well, let’s raise the stakes. Deploy and cross your bridge made of nothing more than balsa and glue across ten feet of Botany Pond on Friday at 5:00 p.m. [60 points]

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