Thursday, May 17

Visitation Rights

This year was my first Scav since 2008 (I graduated in 2005). Somewhat unsurprisingly, I feel like I took up the mantle of The Old Judge this year (even though Christian! is older), boring regaling everyone with stories of Back In My Day and How It Used To Be.

Now, one of the wonderful opportunities for Judges to interact with scavvies, albeit (too!) briefly, are our headquarters visits. These aren't laid out in the by-laws, and they're not required; they're just us wanting to go around and say "hi!". They usually occur Saturday night, inevitably spilling over to Sunday morning.

When I first became a Judge in 2005, it was a really interesting experience, as I had never been to another team's HQ during the Hunt (except for any teams headquartering in BJ, where I ate). It made me realize how all Scav HQs, and too some extent, all teams (at least the Shoreland did in my day), have a common end state: complete chaos and mess.

So here are some photos I took of each HQ we visited (with the inexplicable and self-kicking omissions of BJ and I-House, and with one surprise addition). (Note: I will happily use anyone's photo of those HQs in an edited version of this post if they OK it!)

HQ Visits: GASH HQ Visits: Blintstone
GASH's HQ was in the Piccadilly. I immediately got nostalgic for the Shoreland, with wonderful views and stately decrepitness. WHY AREN'T YOU SELLING IT, UNIVERSITY? NO I'M NOT BITTER (*shhhh*) sorry, it's quiet hoursBlintstone was based in Broadview. My HQ visit in '05 was my first trip to Broadview, and this year I got to see their kitchen! It was the same amount of crazy in the rest of their HQ, in a substantially smaller space.
HQ Visits: Breck HQ Visits: South Campus
This was my first visit to Breck, if memory serves correctly! They led me down into their basement, where I found their construction pit and carrot carving. I believed I signed in as Karl Davis to throw off signature hunters (sorry Katie!).This was obviously my first trip to South Campus. I got to see a dog play Space Invaders in Halperin House, the spiritual successor to my home, Michelson House! Note that OUSH has deemed the dorm new enough to merit a ground tarp.
HQ Visits: MacPierce HQ Visits: Max Palevsky
MacPierce treated us to a great xyloexplosive (in the basement, which I'd never visited previously) and a broken (read: crowbar'd) heart. I'm intrigued that TANSTAAFL has a tarp floor as well. Also, everyone say hi to Leah! Max Pavelsky! Also beplasticed (beplasticked?). I've visited Max HQs in West and East—I'm not sure if they've had one in Central. We witness a xyloexplosive here, and Paul got to use the big keyboard (aka PAUL SMASH).
HQ Visits: Snell-Hitchcock Lounge From Study Room
The only times I've visited Snell-Hitchcock have been for Scav. Back in 2008 there was a beast rotating on a spit in the courtyard. Sadly by the time I got here I was deliriously tired (curse my old man bones!), but I remember the flurry of activity.Here's the requisite Old Judge Story Time! This is the Shoreland HQ (in Michelson House) in 2002. Taken at 6AM on Judgment Sunday, you can see that really, the fundamental chaos of Scav HQ transcends time and team.


  1. Max alternates HQs between East and West (even years in West, odd years in East). Central does not have a room suitable for a Scav HQ. IMHO, the East HQ is way better, but I also lived in East back as an undergrad, so I'm biased.

    1. Also, my captain year was in East, so, again, bias.

      Also also, to be completely accurate, we do also use one of the basement music practice rooms in Central as temporary storage each year.

      Also also also, Housing actually provides us with the plastic tarps for the floor, which is really the least they can do.