Wednesday, May 16

Patty Cake: A Retrospective

103. Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker’s man. Bake us a cake as. . . small as you can? As green as you can? How does that rhyme go again? Oh well. Send a baker to the baking aisle of Treasure Island at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday. I bet I’ll remember by then. [Up to 30 points]

Standing in the baking aisle of Treasure Island watching Scavvies grab multiple bags of flour and dash toward the register was an excellent start to the Hunt. This item was envisioned as a test of baking ingenuity, time management, and creative problem solving. Mostly, I just got piles of cake.

The best completion of this item was definitely MacPierce; they rolled in with about twelve layers of delicious chocolate and vanilla wedding cake and stacked like crazy, reaching an ultimate height of 9.5 inches. Of the cakes that arrived within the two hour time margin, this was the only one that actually resembled a cake, and allowed me to taste without fear of salmonella. Did I mention it was absolutely delicious? Mad props to Michelle and the rest of the MacPierce team.

The rest of the cakes looked like this. I admire you all for facing this trial with poise and optimism! Faced with uncooled layers and the terrors of gravity, you rolled with the punches, and showed up anyway! These teams still got points for height, and many managed to be downright tasty.

Speed-baking isn't a cakewalk! I hope the bakers enjoyed the challenge, and the teams enjoyed the results!

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