Friday, May 11

Name that Tune

Item 181 reads:

Gather at the center of the Quads at noon on Friday for a simple game of Name That Tune. No tricks, no lies, we’ll play a tune, and you have to name it. We’re not going to secretly make it trivia about Sir James Tune, or actually make it Name That [Obscure 1970s car]Toon or anything like that. We’ll play the melody from a piece of music, and you name it. It’s that simple. [10 points]
As you may have suspected, there was a bit of a twist to this. While nothing in the wording was an outright lie (as promised!), we never did specify how the music would be played. And the way we played it was on the world's second-largest instrument, the Rockefeller Carillon!

Students were brought from the center of the quad to near the GSB for the best listening conditions. There were thirteen pieces in a wide variety of styles.

So, before the event, I went up the tower with student carillon player Oliver McDonald, for whom I have many, many thanks for helping us with this item. We were also later joined by Hunter Chase who played some great music too.

the view from the top of rockefeller, looking north 

 Hunter playing the carillon

Oliver playing, and some very excited guy next to him

The music was great. Here's the full playlist:

1. Ode to Joy
2. Theme from the Godfather
3. O Danny Boy
4. As Time Goes By
5. Requiem for a Dream
6. I'll Make a Man out of You
7. Rainbow Connection
8. Scarborough Fair
9. Final Countdown
10. Round Midnight
11. We are the Champions
12. Bach Suite for Cello - prelude
13. Never Gonna Give You Up.

I hope people enjoyed it! If you are interested in the carillon and its music, Oliver and Hunter sent me this info: 

- There's a student carillon recital on Sunday May 20, at 5pm
- The website is at
- If you're interested in learning to play, email Hunter at
- There are regular recital and tour times
- Summer carillon recitals are, Sundays at 5pm, June 17 through August 19.

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