Friday, May 11

The Merciless Scav Hunt of Quetzalacatenango

This afternoon, we had the hot sauce / pepper identification event at the Pub. I was not actually there, but we had plenty of hot sauce left over that was just sitting around our apartment. Since there wasn't much other food around, I decided, what the heck, why not just take Hot Sauce E and try it out. I mean, how spicy can it possibly be, right? It's not like it's poison. 

Ha, ha. Anyway, Christian told me that E was in fact the spiciest of the bunch, and gosh darned it but I just couldn't help myself but want to see what that was like! And I am not at all a spicy food person. I basically find rice too spicy. But curiosity got the proverbial cat, except in this case the cat is my mouth, and "got" means "filled with fire." Apparently E was made from some kind of Guatemalan Insanity Pepper and it didn't just feel spicy as heck when you ate it, it stayed feeling spicy as heck long after you were done and had gulped down a few pints of milk and diet coke (two drinks which, along with some tortilla chips, were hastily and helpfully prescribed to me by Dr. Kammerer himself, after I made it clear that I was moments from exploding). It was so spicy I had to pause Hercules in New York, the film we were watching. And it was in the middle of the best scene!

please note, Hot Sauce E was not actually made with guatemalan insanity peppers, as those are fictional. It was made with habaneros. Please also note that Blogger wants me to correct "habaneros" to "head bangers." As the sauce was homemade, it will be tough to tell you what its scoville rating was, though I am really quite curious to know.

Anyway the moral of the story is please try to be less stupid than I am. I will be sticking with rice and perhaps a side of iceberg lettuce for the rest of my life.

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