Friday, May 4


Captain's Kickball is tomorrow -- very excited.  I heard from one of the first-timers that they thought it was Captains vs. Judges... no no, my friend. We field about 10 - 15 Judges against around 20 - 25 captains each year, so that wouldn't be quite fair.  Instead, we split up into teams, based on the things that really matter in life... I fear I am showing my age a little here, but this is what I recall:

2006 -- Hot vs. Not
2007 -- Tall vs. Short
2008 -- Big Feet vs. Small Feet
2009 -- Prince vs. Michael Jackson
2010 -- Glasses vs. No Glasses
2011 -- Cholies vs. Maravillas
2012 -- ??

(I may have gotten some of the years out of order.)  Of particular note were the "Tall vs. Short" and "Glasses vs. No Glasses" years, which produced hilariously, albeit predictably, lopsided scores.  In the last inning of the latter game, the glassed kids gave their specs to the non-glassed kids, but to this statistican's eye the effect was neutral (both sides could see well before, and both sides saw poorly after), and the Usually-Non-Glassed team continued to dominate, since the only real effect at work was that the group of people who didn't see well and had fragile things on their face were probably less likely to have played outdoor sports when they were younger.

Anyway, got any non-binding ideas for the 2012 teams?


  1. As a bespectacled participant of the great glasses swap of 2007, I must argue in defense of Team Usually-Glassed that we, like, totally gave up fewer runs that inning, Temporary-Four-Eyes!

  2. The teams ended up being Hunger Games vs. West Coast Rap! Hunger Games managed to eke out a victory, but like Tupac, Team West Coast Rap will be more successful posthumously than you can ever imagine!