Thursday, May 10

It Begins

As one of the many, many emeriti judges roaming around Hyde Park for the next four days, I couldn't be happier with how Scav has started off. On the other side of the country Scav can feel a bit like a hazy dream or a swiftly fading memory.  In the past week, I've had panicky fears that Scav might just fizzling and it was only us super lame judges who thought it was going to be great this year.

But then, of course, in Ida Noyes last night, the energy and excitement were palpable. It is that passion which makes Scav incredible and teams' performances at list release did not disappoint. With the lists affixed to the walls, teams had to construct contraptions to get their list. Within minutes, massive quantities of PVC piping, cardboard, a vacuum (?!) and 2x4's were being shepherded into Ida Noyes. I was lucky enough to be able to roam wherever the shouts were and cheering were reaching fever pitch and I saw some great team efforts. The umbrellas to catch the list knocked off the wall was one of my favorites, as was the six inch PVC pipe with duct tape on the end being used like a battering ram.  (No, no gothic architecture was harmed in the making of this Scav.)

At one point a few teams had got their list and I grabbed the broom to start sweeping up detritus strewn around (yo, better not be like that at Judgment or at other events!). I got distracted by an excellent Swiffer-broom + fishing line chop-sticking effort to get the list and left the broom. Next time I turn around, it had been commandeered and was now part of the support structure for another team's rod. It was a great scavvie moment to see every bit of material being used to accomplish the task.

And then, of course, one of the most joyful and sad times of the whole hunt. Walking home after list release and knowing that all over Hyde Park, teams of people are reading the list. Laughing, cursing, scrambling, googling frantically. I can only speak for myself, but I always want to share those moments with teams, and just be able to make eyes at them when they read an amazing item that says "I know. This is going to be great!"

So since I couldn't do that, let me just say it officially now: Guys. GUYS. It's Scav Hunt and it's going to be GREAT."

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