Wednesday, May 9

hope you're all getting excited!

I am so excited to be back in Chicago for SCAV HUNT 2012, the twenty-fifth anniversary of Scav Hunt!! Though it is the twenty-sixth hunt. but whatever.

Tonight the madness will begin, and I look forward to seeing each and every one of you get super thrilled for scav over the next few days! It really is an incredible experience to see so much energy and enthusiasm from all the teams. Quite frankly I think of it as an honor, that you would all put so much into the items we've written. I'm particularly excited for all of you who will be scavving for the first time. There's really nothing like scav, nothing even close, anywhere in the world, and of course until you experience it for the first time, no amount of preparation can substitute for the actual experience of participating in the world's largest scavenger hunt. Welcome!

Meanwhile, we judges are finishing up our final preparations. I'm writing from this year's CDA, and as you can tell from the picture below, this year is going to be off all of the following: the hook, the chain, the charts, the grid, and most importantly, the wagon.

woooo let's get this scav hunt party started!!

Nine hours, twenty minutes! CAN'T WAIT!

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  1. CDA stands for Casa del Amor. As for further explanation, I fall back on Louis Armstrong: "If ya gotta ask, you'll never know."