Thursday, May 10

And so the hunt begins!

And with that, lists have been released, the teams have begun the items, and we judges have set up CDA into a space resembling a place where humans can live. Personally, I thought list release went quite well and did a good job of encouraging engineering creativity. Some teams opted for trying to rip off one page at a time, which meant that they didn't have to lift the whole list off the hook, but they did have to make many trips back and forth to pick up each page. Other teams managed to get it all at once, either by lifting it off, or preparing a catching implement for it. Lots of choices!

the crowd of teams, eagerly awaiting list release!

snitchcock prepares a box of sorts to catch their list... 

...but manage to lift off their nearly-whole list all at once anyway!

And now as the teams begin their work, so too do the Judges take on a most important duty: watching 1980's The Apple!

dancing! singing! the futuristic world of 1994! BIM!
i can't recommend it highly enough!

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