Monday, April 30

Why this web log exists.

Hello Scavhunt!

My name is Jonathan, and I am a Judge.  But it's nice to have a space to take off the Judge hat and be the little kid at the zoo that Scav brings out in all of us.  In keeping with past years, I'm keeping a blog to record my impressions of Scav as it happens, which has two nice side effects:
  • You get to look at pictures or read about items you weren't able to see in person.
  • We get to give shoutouts to awesome item completions that rocked our day
  • (debatably nice) You get an inside view into what the Judges do during the Hunt
And that's pretty much all I think this needs to be.  Not a forum for pointing arguments or a place for Judges to give mysterious clues.  As in past years I'm inviting all the other Judges to post here as well, but this is never going to be more formal than a set of recollections -- so feel free to ignore it altogether!

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